Deadmau5 disses Paris Hilton

DJ Mag’s Top 100 list, much like the municipality of Niagara Falls, trance, drone bottle service, and EDM festivals, has drawn the ire of Deadmau5.

Deadmau5, who currently sits at number 12 on the DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list, recently took to Twitter to express his disdain for the whole thing:

“great. the dj mag poll again. i cant believe people still care for this.”

He then followed up with a sarcastic shot at the designation of top 100 DJ, listing arbitrary accomplishments like “best EQ knob touching”:


But he wasn’t finished. His solution? It involves a certain hotel heiress:

“just get it over with and put paris hilton in the...

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Deadmau5 on EDM

Deadmau5 is one of the most successful EDM artists (and brands) on the planet, but the beloved producer is losing respect for the scene he dominates. He makes that stance apparent in an expletive-laced new interview with London Evening Standard, likening the genre to a sinking ship.

“As they say, the rat is the first one to jump off the boat when it starts going down, and that’s kind of what’s happening,” he says of the EDM trend currently dominating pop charts and festivals across the planet. “It’s already been going down the last couple of years, for me. Maybe not in the industry. Maybe there’ll be a whole new herd of sheep following that shit, and fucking good luck.”

He even compares the genre to another once-trendy (and often bashed) genre: disco.

“Disco had a longer run t...

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Porter Robinson- Worlds (Album Tracklist)

1. Divinity (feat. Amy Millan)
2. Sad Machine
3. Years of War (feat. Breanne Düren and Sean Caskey of Last Dinosaurs)
4. Flicker
5. Fresh Static Snow
6. Polygon Dust (feat. Lemaitre)
7. Hear the Bells (feat. Imaginary Cities)
8. Natural Light
9. Lionhearted (feat. Urban Cone)
10. Sea of Voices
11. Fellow Feeling
12. Goodbye to a World

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Andy C (Quote)


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Deadmau5-While (1<2) (Album Tracklist)

Part 1

01. Avaritia
02. Coelacanth I
03. Ice Age
04. My Pet Coelacanth
05. Infra Turbo Pigcart Racer
06. Terrors In My Head
07. Creep
08. Somewhere Up Here
09. Phantoms Can’t Hang
10. Gula

Part 2
01. Acedia
02. Invidia
03. Errors In My Bread
04. Survivalism Rmx
05. Silent Picture
06. Rlyehs Lament
07. Superbia
08. Mercedes
09. Bleed
10. Ira
11. Monday
12. A Moment To Myself
13. Pets
14. Coelacanth II
15. Seeya

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MTV to televise Tomorrowland Electronic Music Festival on World Stage

Last year EDM conglomerate SFX acquired Tomorrowland parent company ID&T and rolled out a U.S. edition, TomorrowWorld, outside Atlanta last September.

This will be the first time the Belgium EDM festival, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, will be televised. MTV will air live event footage from the Tomorrowland 2014 fest as part of its MTV World Stage programming.

This year the festival has been extended to run over two consecutive weekends (July 18-20 and 25-27), doubling its capacity. The 360,000 available tickets sold out within an hour of going on sale. EDM star acts including Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren, Carl Cox, Hardwell, Eric Prydz and Diplo have already confirmed for the 2014 event.

“Tomorrowland is a festival in a category of its own, so we’re excited to bring this c...

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Afrojack-Forget the World (Album Tracklist)

1. “Ten Feet Tall” (featuring Wrabel)

2. “Illuminate” (Afrojack and Matthew Koma)

3. “Born to Run” (featuring Tyler Glenn)

4. “Freedom” (Afrojack and D-wayne featuring Jack McManus)

5. “The Spark” (featuring Spree Wilson)

6. “Dynamite” (featuring Snoop Dogg)

7. “Too Wild” (featuring Wiz Khalifa and Devin Cruise)

8. “Three Strikes” (featuring Jack McManus)

9. “Catch Tomorrow” (featuring Sting)

10. “We’ll Be OK” (featuring Wrabel)

11. “Mexico” (featuring Shirazi)

12. “Keep Our Love Alive” (Afrojack and Matthew Koma)

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Tomorrowland 2014 full lineup announced

The complete Tomorrowland artist announcement is here and the lineup is so huge that it can’t be contained to just one flyer. This year will mark the 10th anniversary for Boom, Belgium’s world renowned festival, one of the most famous music festivals in all the world.
Tomorrowland will take place over two weekends in 2014, July 18-20th and 25th-27th respectively. Both weekends sold out in just under an hour, despite the festival’s double capacity for 360,000 people each weekend.
For their 10th anniversary, Tomorrowland is coming back bigger than ever before. The festival has recently announced a partnership with MTV to televise a live stream and documentary entitled “World Stage: Tomorrowland...

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Afrojack defends the perception about big room producers faking DJ sets

A lot has been said about big room producers faking DJ sets by pre-recording or just pressing play but Afrojack has come out in defence of the perception.

Deadmau5 caused a storm last year, insisting artists, including himself, are “Just a bunch of producers like me who pretend to be DJs”, also writing an article on his Tumblr about “EDM world button pushers”.

Back in January, Afrojack called out the Canadian during an interview with Billboard, telling him not to “talk about stuff you don’t know about” and he’s furthered his stance in a recent talk with New York radio station 92.3 NOW.

“I, seriously, have never seen anyone play a pre-recorded set. Most of the comments you see on the internet about pre-recorded mixing are usually 12 year old kids who don’t know shit about DJing.


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Another update on Deadmau5′ upcoming Album

Perfectionism is never a bad thing, especially when it involves Deadmau5 and his seventh studio album. Despite announcing the completion of his 25-track album in January and that it was “ready to f**king go” by the end of March, fans had not heard from the Mau5 concerning his album up until yesterday. In acknowledging that the release has been “dragging,” he encourages fans that “it’ll be worth the wait.” More importantly, Joel revealed through Twitter, “It’s the first album I’ve ever done that I would even call an album.”

Several Miami coffee runs, a back-to-back show with Eric Prydz at Ice Palace and one trip to Vegas later, Deadmau5 is currently hard at work attempting to push out his album sooner rather than later...

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